Who thinks accupuncture feels good? I find it painful, and I certainly do not feel like I am 'floating on air' after an accupain session. I think that I would rather have a nice massage.

I had a first, today. A couple of bruises (one is really visible) from the accupain. I can't wait to show my guy what he did to my stomach. The pic also shows my stomach sticking out. I look like I had a huge dinner. What if I'm not pregnant - then I'll have to loose all of this excess weight.

I know that I should NOT think of symptoms. No, symptoms are a bunch of bullshit. Yet, I had a dizzy spell and a foot cramp. I know, I know. Fuck the symptoms. I am on estrogen and progesterone - my body thinks that I am pregnant. My hopes are rising and I hope they aren't dashed like IVF #3.

Day 9 post ET: Negative (Dollar Tree hpt). What did I really expect? I am so stupid - I am disappointed. I'm starting to get really scared that this didn't work.

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