ET for IVF#4

I hate telling people this is my 4th time doing IVF. I feel that I am being judged by the staff - I can see how they look at me. I have to constantly write my age and the year I was born. I bet there aren't too many women who were born in 1964. I never felt old, but at the clinic, I am just ancient.

I did the before and after acupuncture. Like the first IVF, the needles feel out of my ear. I told the acupuncturist and she put it back in. I was worried that it would fall out again, but she told me it was in. It fell out within 2 minutes of her leaving the room. She had asked me about my history, so I told her about the m/c. I got to thinking about that and how my partner of 11 yrs left me. I thought of how horrible she was to me and how she treated me during my m/c. I started to cry, but couldn't wipe my eyes because I had needles in my wrist.

On to happier news.....
Embryologist's Report:

  1. 12 cell - grade A
  2. 8 cell - grade A
  3. 8 cell - grade B
  4. 7 cell - grade A
  5. 6 cell - grade A
  6. 6 cell - grade A
  7. 4 cell
  8. 2 cell
Grade A is less than 10% fragmentation, and B is 10-20%.
I had 6 cleaved embryos put back into me (the 6 to 12 cells). I don't think the 2 or 4 cell will make it to be frozen in 3 days.

I am incubating and doing the bed rest thing. May I say that bed rest by your self is very difficult. It sucks. Soup is not good for bed rest because I had to sit up and eat having over my soup instead of reclining.

My back is hurting.

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