Acupuncture Crap

So many people that I know really believe in acupuncture. I guess that I should believe it works, but I think it is a bunch of crap. I had some stupid notion that acupuncture would feel good - like a massage. Nope. It hurts. I pay to have someone stick needles in my and cause me pain.

I just love it when he tries to find my qi (chee). Today, he is moving the pin around in my scalp.

"Do you feel anything?"
"Yes, it feels like you are moving a needle around in my scalp"

If acupuncture really works, then it shouldn't matter what I think, right? I know that there is "scientific evidence" that shows it may be helpful. There are write-ups in medical journals. So, I figured "what the fuck". What is a few extra $100s when I spend thousands on my last IVF cycle.

I need to go and soak my feet in hot water so my cleaved embryos will cling to my womb. Yea, right.

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