Getting Fat

Did anyone read that Newsweek article about eating full fat dairy foods? My mother was chastising me for drinking non-fat milk and consuming low-fat yogurts. In my heart, I know that my full fat cheese fetish should be enough to keep my fertility diet going, but I broke down and have been on a full-fat cream cheese kick. There is nothing like good old Philly cream cheese. I'm only eating it because it may make me pregnant.

In the mean time, my stomach is growing (and it isn't a baby causing the growing). In order to eat my full-fat cream cheese, I have to put it on a daily slice of bread. On top of the cream cheese is a runny egg. Since the ER, I have stopped the runny egg thing. The egg just doesn't taste as good.

The embryologist did not call me today. I bet the those poor, sub-par embryos just couldn't make it. That gets me thinking - maybe I have the same problem with the embryos that are inside me as the duds on the outside.

I keep reading about the slim chance of older women. I have never been old before, but in the fertility world I am fucking ancient. I need to stop Internet research because the news for me ain't good.

I think about the boards and wonder if I should check back in. However, I'm having superstitious issues and am worried it will bring me bad luck.

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