Feeling Update for a Change

I feel hopeful for a change - 6 cleaved embryos are in me. Maybe one will take and stay and be genetically normal? I know that is a lot to ask, but it seems to happen to women all of the time.

I want to say my positive experience during my embryo transfer (ET). I was always so uncomfortable during the ET due to the full bladder issue. This time was different - I had a great ultrasound (u/s) tech that would check my bladder and let me release some into a cup. She would show me how much to fill the cup. I did this a couple of times and was so comfortable that I didn't need to use the bed pan after the procedure. The bed pan was put to use for my 3 previous IVFs; boy, is that messy (the pee runs down my butt crack). I have no idea why this wasn't done in the past, but it makes a huge difference in comfort levels.

Speaking of comfort, I know that I mentioned that the accupuntcture wasn't that comfortable. I actually have bruises on the tops of my feel where I was stuck with needles. When the acupuncturist came back in the room and observed the tears running down my face, she said "it is good to cry. It is a big day and the Chinese say it is good to release rather than to hold it in". She probably just tried to make me feel OK. I decided not to tell her why I was crying because I was afraid that I might start to sob. Why did I cry? I am still devastated by the way my ex left me after 11 yrs. Will I ever trust anyone again?

Bed Rest
Bed rest by myself is not easy. I have to stand to pull some food together. I really wanted eggs, but that would mean I have to stand for too long. Then I think of all the IVF procedures where bed rest is not recommended. Does it really matter?

I am buying some pee sticks this week. I'll get a bunch of dollar store sticks so I can start when hcg should be zero. I want to make sure that I don't get a false positive.

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